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We are proud to introduce our new Ready to Eat - Caesar Salad.

อัปเดตเมื่อ 28 พ.ค. 2566

- All vegetables used are grown and picked from our Rim Ping Organic Farm in Chiangmai. The farm is certified by IFOAM and Organic Thailand as 100% organic vegetables farm. - New concept of using all certified organic vegetables direct from the farm in making fresh and crispy salad every day. "Fresh from the Farm to your house" indeed. - "Home made in Factory" at our Rim Ping Organic Farm. we have a qualified processing plant right in the farm. This is to ensure that our salad - Ready to Eat- will be produced in a high quality and standard for food productions. These include selection of vegetables, washing with Ozone water, hygiene control throughout the plant, and our packing process using degradable material for salad boxes closed with sealed film.

Our promotion price - baht 59 /pack FarmFoods Market Delivery only in Chiangmai Town we accept membership and home delivery only for residents in Chiangmai town. We are your specialty organic grocery in Chiangmai.

Shopping on line and home delivery: Line ID : @farmfoodsmarket Tel : 053 117 999

Enjoy our organic !

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